Gene Synthesis Services

Gene synthesis is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to molecular cloning for custom gene production. We can synthesize codon-optimized cDNA, gene variants, artificially designed DNA, or any other sequence for your research.





Up to 300 bp

$75 per gene

1-2 weeks

300 bp to 1,000 bp

$0.25 per bp

1-2 weeks

1,001 bp to 2,000 bp

$0.28 per bp

around 2 weeks

2,001 bp to 3,000 bp

$0.33 per bp

2-3 weeks

3,001 bp to 5,000 bp

$0.38 per bp

around 3 weeks

Larger than 5,000 bp



Assuming all sequences are codon optimized for protein expression and high GC content and repeats sequences can be modified for easy manipulation and synthesis to meet required turnaround times.

In the event the construct is toxic to E.coli or will not clone, the customer will be immediately contacted and an alternative strategy will be agreed upon to generate the desired construct (an additional fee may be added).

Delivery Specs:

l  2-5ug of plasmid DNA containing the synthesized gene.
l  A stab of E.coli harboring the plasmid and gene.
l Certificate of Analysis for each construct.
l  Sequence trace files, double strand sequence verification.
l Text and Doc files of the gene sequence alone and combined with plasmid.


We can custom clone each gene into a commercially available E.coli vector at $50/each, and clone into non-commercial vector at $100/each.Sequences larger than 3kb are quoted on an individual basis. Complexity may also result in a price change.

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