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Custom LNA Oligo Synthesis

The major advantage of LNA lies in the design options for primers and probes as the Tm can be finetuned according to the needs of a desired oligonucleotide. Due to the enhanced binding affinity shorter probes can be realized and as a result binding specificity to the target DNA and RNA is increased. Hence, LNA oligonucleotides are very well suited for use in antisense protocols, hybridization assays, in situ hybridization probes, dual labeled probes, molecular beacons and qPCR primers.

Increased Thermal Stability of qPCR Probes

l Improved affinity and specificity

l Reduced background fluorescence

l Better signal-to-noise ratio

Enhanced Single Nucleotide Discrimination

l Greatly enhanced discrimination between alleles via single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)

l Better mismatch discrimination compared to native-state DNA probes

Multiplex qPCR Systems

l Normalization of the Tm across several short sequences with varying GC-content gets accessible

l Optimal design of highly-specific, shorter probes

l Particularly beneficial for microarray and multiplex PCR applications

Antisense Technology

l Enhanced binding affinity to complementary nucleic acids

l High nuclease resistance

l Further increase in nuclease resistance by introduction of a phosphorothioate backbone

* The price of custom LNA oligo is dependent on the length, yield and number. Please indicate the specifics in quote request.

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