Synthetic modified sgRNAs


CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology is powerful for genome engineering like gene knock-ins and knock-outs. Genome engineering using synthetic sgRNAs yields more efficient and consistent editing results than any other types of guide RNA.


With excellent sgRNA synthesis and purification technology, we provide high-quality synthetic sgRNAs, which can be applied in various genome engineering. Our exclusive long-chain RNA synthesis technology can support around 100nt sgRNA synthesis. Normally we would provide 2'-O-methyl 3' phosphorothioate modifications in the first and last 3 nucleotides but we can also provide other types of customized modifications.




● Our professional sgRNA synthesis and purification technology will make your experiment more likely to be successful.

● We provide high precision mass spectrometry reports.

● We can ensure single main peak and theoretical molecular weight consistent with the detected molecular weight.

The estimated purity showed in MS data  is greater than 90%.







1.5 nmol


1-2 weeks

3 nmol


1-2 weeks

5 nmol


1-2 weeks

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