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PrimeIAmp™ Red Lyophilized Isothermal Amplification Microbeads

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PrimeIAmp™ Red Lyophilized Isothermal Amplification Microbeads contain reaction buffer, red-yellow colorimetric visible indicator, Mg2+, dNTP, Bst DNA/RNA polymerase and so on in lyophilized form. Only primers and templates are needed to be added for the isothermal amplification. After amplification, the positive samples are yellow, while the negative samples are red. The results can be directly observed by naked eyes without any other auxiliary equipment. PrimeIAmp™ Red Lyophilized Isothermal Amplification Microbeads can be stored at room temperature (25°C) for 12 months.


Minimum shelf life is 1 year at 25°C and 5 years at 2-8°C. The product can be transported at room temperature. After the product is opened, the unused product should be sealed with sealing film or electrical tape to prevent the performance degradation due to moisture. The product can also be vacuum packed in 0.2 ml EP tube.


  • lThis red yellow discoloration reaction depends on the change of pH in the reaction system. Therefore, Tris salt, NaOH and other components in the template will have impact on the reaction. We recommend to use ddH2O for elution when using nucleic acid purified samples.

  • lWe recommend use ddH2O to preserve samples for detection when using crude samples. The best crude sample is swab sample. Swab sample soaked in ddH2O can be directly used as template for amplification without nucleic acid purification.

  • lWhen used in other isothermal amplification reactions (such as CPA, SMAP, etc.), the above strategies can be referred while the reaction time may need to be adjusted.

  • lAfter the reaction system is prepared, a drop of mineral oil can be added to cover the upper part of the reaction liquid to reduce aerosol pollution.

  • lPreparation of complete amplification system using lyophilized microbeads: Pack optimized primers at the bottom of 0.2 ml EP tube and dry at 70 ~ 80 °C for 1 ~ 2h. The dried 0.2 ml EP tube already contains dried amplification primers, and then add a lyophilized microbead to prepare the complete amplification system, which can be stored for a long time, without the need of cold chain transportation.

Instruction: Protocol

Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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