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GClean™ First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (100T)

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  • lHigh gDNA digestion ability: gDNA is removed from the template within 2 minutes.

  • lHigh efficiency: the synthesis of the first-strand cDNA only takes 15 minutes.

  • lHigh sensitivity: high-quality cDNAs can be obtained even from pg-level templates.

  • lHigh thermal stability: although the optimum reaction temperature is 42°C, the enzyme maintains good reverse transcription performance at 50°C.

  • lIdeal for complex templates: templates with high GC content and complex secondary structure can be reverse transcribed with high efficiency.



  • lQuantitative analysis of gene expression by real time PCR.

  • lRapid and accurate analysis of tiny amount RNA such as RNA viruses.

  • lThe reverse transcription of RNA template with high GC content or complex secondary structure.


The kit should be stored at - 20°C and is valid for one year.

Instruction: Protocol

Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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