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Scarlet™ HS Blood Direct PCR Kit (Heparin)

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Principle for High Specificity & Accuracy

Compared with 2 × Scarlet™ Blood Direct PCR Mix (Heparin), dTTP is replaced by dUTP in the HS version, and UNG enzymes (Uracil-N-glycosylase) capable of degrading dUTP-containing templates are added at the same time. Before the PCR reaction, UNG enzymes are used to degrade the uracil-containing PCR products. UNG enzymes do not cause any impact on the uracil-free template, thus ensuring the specificity and accuracy of amplification as well as preventing the possible contamination of PCR products during large-scale gene detection.


  • lThe whole blood is directly used as a PCR template, without time-consuming and expensive DNA purification and pretreatment.

  • lThe system has strong amplification ability and can sensitively detect genomic and exogenous DNA fragments in the blood.

  • lThe 2 × Scarlet™ HS Blood Direct PCR Mix (Heparin) provided by this kit has strong inhibitor tolerance.

  • lThe sample is operated in a fully enclosed condition, preventing either sample contamination or false positive PCR results.

  • l2 × Scarlet™ HS Blood Direct PCR Mix (Heparin) can effectively eliminate the contamination caused by PCR products and ensure the specificity and accuracy of amplification.

  • lThe Scarlet™ HS Blood Direct PCR Kit (Heparin) is specially designed for direct PCR identification of Heparin anticoagulant whole blood.

  • lAmplified fragments should be less than 1 kb. If more than 1 kb, the amplification efficiency may decrease or the amplification may even fail.

  • lThe PCR products obtained from this kit should not be used for gene cloning or sequencing.

  • lPCR products may have mutation.

  • lThe 3' end of the PCR product is randomly added with A tail.


If used frequently, 2 × Scarlet™ HS Blood Direct PCR Mix (Heparin) can be stored at 4°C for a short time (within 10 days). For long term storage, please keep it at - 20°C.

6 × DNA Loading Buffer can be stored at 4°C or - 20°C for a long time.

Instruction: Protocol

Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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