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PrimeIAmp™ Fast Probe RT Isothermal Amplification Kit (96T)

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We provide robust and reliable solutions for the study of various diseases (African Swine Fever, COVID-19, etc) based on this kit, please contact us or email to tech@sbsbio.com for more details.

For COVID-19 detection kit (research use only), please see PrimeIAmp™ COVID-19 Lyophilized Fluorescence Nucleic Acid Detection Kit.


PrimeIAmp™ Fast Probe RT Isothermal Amplification Kit, with fast isothermal amplification technology, single molecule fluorescence detection technology and reverse transcription technology, achieves RNA reverse transcription and amplification as well as real-time detection of the specific RNA in a single system. Compared with conventional real-time fluorescent RT-PCR which takes about 2 hours, this kit can determine whether there is a specific RNA in a sample within 20 minutes. The detection process does not need to open the cover, which avoids the generation of aerosol, greatly improving the reliability of the results.


  • lRapid amplification: In most cases, trace nucleic acid samples can be amplified to detectable level within 20 minutes.

  • lHigh stability: The product is freeze-dried and can be transported at room temperature. It can be stored at -20°C for more than one year.

  • lHigh sensitivity: The detection limit can reach 10-100 copies/reaction.

  • lEasy operation: the main components of the product are prefabricated into microspheres by advanced freeze-drying process, without the need of professional equipment and training. The whole process is easy to operate.

Primer Design

The principle and algorithm are similar to PCR primer design:

  • lPlease use primers with a length of 30-35 bp. Short primers may affect the amplification rate and detection sensitivity.

  • lPrimer design should avoid the formation of secondary structure, which may affect the amplification.

  • lPrimer Tm value should be 50-75, and GC content should be 30%-70%.

  • lThe 5’ end of the primer should avoid G while the 3’ end of the primer should contain G and C.

  • lThe length of amplicon is recommended to be 100-200 bp


Minimum shelf life is 1 year at -20°C. For positive standard, please store at -80°C.

Instruction: Protocol
Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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