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PrimeIAmp™ Red Isothermal Amplification MasterMix

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We also provide this MasterMix in lyophilized form, which can be transported and stored at room temperature. Please see PrimeIAmp™ Red Lyophilized Isothermal Amplification Microbeads for more details.

We provide robust and reliable solutions for the study of various diseases (African Swine Fever, COVID-19, etc) based on this mastermix, please contact us or email to tech@sbsbio.com for more details.


PrimeIAmp™ Red Isothermal Amplification MasterMix contains Bst DNA/RNA polymerase, which can efficiently complete isothermal amplification and RT-isothermal amplification without adding any other reagents. The optimized reaction system ensures the rapid establishment of the reaction system of detection reagents. After amplification, the positive samples are yellow and the negative samples are red. The results can be directly observed by naked eyes without any other auxiliary equipment.


Minimum shelf life is 2 years at -20°C.

Additional Note

  • lThis red yellow discoloration reaction depends on the change of pH in the reaction system. Therefore, Tris salt, NaOH and other components in the template will have impact on the reaction. We recommend to use ddH2O for elution when using nucleic acid purified samples, and use ddH2O to preserve samples for detection when using crude samples.

Note: All product outward appearance, the size color take the material object as, the picture only supply the reference.
Instruction: Protocol
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Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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