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VirusMag™ DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (100 preps)

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VirusMagTM DNA/RNA Isolation Kit is a research use only (RUO) kit, which is based on biological nanomagnetic beads. The main principle is to enrich nucleic acid from sample lysate products to the surface of magnetic beads by using functional groups on the surface of functional biological magnetic beads, and then separate the magnetic beads by using a magnetic separation device, so as to quickly separate and purify nucleic acid. The whole process does not need to use organic reagents such as phenol, chloroform, etc. It is safe and non-toxic, and it is suitable for high-throughput automated extraction by using biological nanomagnetic beads with paramagnetic properties.

Note: All product outward appearance, the size color take the material object as, the picture only supply the reference.

Instruction: Protocol

Only for research and not intended for treatment of humans or animals

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