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SiMaxTM Spin Column

SiMax Spin Column is miniprep spin column, which can be used for plasmid, PCR products, genomic DNA isolation, as well as agarose gel purification. In a high-salt buffer, DNA is selectively bound to the membrane in SiMax Spin Column. Following a wash step, DNA is eluted in low-salt buffer or water without alcohol precipitation or desalting.

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500 ea



l SiMax Spin Columns for DNA/RNA extraction.

l Silica membrane based spin column.

l Compatible with Qiagen’s and Invitrogen’s buffer.

l Buffer recipe provided for plasmid Miniprep, Gel extraction and PCR clean up.

l High qualify for DNA purification and has been used extensively in house application and by many academic labs.

l Economical for large sample process.


l PCR clean-up.

l Genomic DNA Extraction.

l Isolation of DNA from agarose.

l Plasmid miniprep.

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