Taq-red™ DNA Polymerase


Taq-red DNA Polymerase is an unique blend of U-Taq DNA Polymerase with an inert red dye. It offers the same performance as U-Taq DNA Polymerase. Several benefits are as follows:

This red dye enables quick and convenient visual confirmation of enzyme addition and reaction mixing.

1. After PCR amplification, samples can be removed from the reaction and loaded directly onto agarose gel without the addition of loading buffer or tracking dye. The red dye, acting as a tracking dye, migrates between bromophenol blue and xylenecyanol at about the same rate as 400~500 bp fragment.
2. The concentration of Taq-red is only 1unit/µl, so the enzyme can be transferred and added more accurately.
3. The enzyme generates PCR products with 3'-dA overhangs, suitable for T-A cloning.
4. 6 kb Lambda DNA and 2.1 kb Human genomic DNA can be amplified very well at our laboratory.

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