Easy-Do™ PCR PreMix


The Easy-Do™ PCR PreMix is a pre-mixed preparation in lyophilized format. The mix contains U-Taq DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, dNTPs, loading buffer and tracking dye for efficient PCR amplification. For reaction set-up, all you have to do is to add templates, specific primers and water. After PCR amplification, samples can be loaded directly onto agarose gel without the addition of loading buffer or tracking dye. The Easy-Do™ PCR premix simplifies the assembly of PCR reaction and offers advantages of time savings, convenience, consistency, and minimal risk of contamination.

DescriptionCat. No.SizePrice(US$)
0.2ml thin-well tube, 20μl reactionEQ2.2-100100 tubes17.00
0.2ml thin-well tube, 50μl reactionEQ5.2-100100 tubes25.00
0.5ml thin-well tube, 20μl reactionEQ2.5-100100 tubes17.00
0.5ml thin-well tube, 50μl reaction EQ5.5-100 100 tubes25.00


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