One-Step RT-PCR Kit

  The One-Step RT-PCR Kit is designed for optimal convenience in carrying out highly sensitive and specific RT-PCR in a single tube. One-step RT-PCR is a variation on standard (two-step) RT-PCR in which all components of the RT and PCR are mixed in one tube prior to starting the reactions and in which RT and PCR are thus carried out sequentially in one tube. This approach offers tremendous convenience when applied to analysis of single targets from multiple samples of RNA. This approach also minimizes the possibility for introduction of contaminants into reactions between the RT and PCR steps, since the RT and PCR reactions are carried out sequentially, without opening of reaction tubes between steps.

The kit is composed of high quality reagents. The AMV reverse transcriptase is used for RT, and the optimized U-Taq polymerase is used for PCR. A single buffer, 10×RT-PCR buffer suitable for both the RT and PCR steps and crucial for successful one-step RT-PCR, is included, along with dNTPs mixture and RNasin. DEPC-treated water is also provided. Use of this kit and the accompanying protocol will ensure excellent results.

Cat. No.SizePrice (US$)
FORP-2525 rxn97.00


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